8 Tricks to Boost Your AdSense Earnings

Monetizing a WordPress website with AdSense isn’t difficult, and the key is generating enough traffic to earn a substantial income from your efforts. Adopting a few important AdSense tricks and best practices can help boost earnings while you focus on ramping up your website traffic. These eight tricks will help you secure ads that are […]

How to upgrade AmpedSense

Periodically I will release new versions of the AmpedSense plugin. Upgrading your existing installation is easy, and I’ll show you how now. Steps Login to wordpress admin, and click on the ‘Plugins’ menu item in the left sitebar. From the list of installed plugins, find the AmpedSense entry and click ‘Deactivate’. Once deactivated, find the […]

How to get the Best AdSense CTR

I’ve spoken a lot on this site about choosing the best colors, best placement, and best sizes for your AdSense ads. Yet a big question remains – how do you know which of the options for each of these work the best? I’m not talking about just taking suggestions. I mean how do you *really* […]

How to set up Integrated Reporting

NOTE! Integrated Reporting now comes standard on all AmpedSense installations. This article no longer applies to recent AmpedSense functionality.   Integrated Reporting allows you to see your stats from AdSense within wordpress. By default it’s off and you have to click through to Google’s site to see your reports, but once enabled it’s all integrated […]

How to use Segments

Want to put some ads on your home page, and different ones on your other pages? Want to prevent ads from showing on a specific page? Or want to have responsive ads show for your mobile traffic? AmpedSense achieves all of that through a feature called ‘segmenting’. Segmenting is a way of dividing your traffic […]