Real Results

Check out a few real-world examples of sites getting a boost in their AdSense earnings due to AmpedSense.

2x clicks by testing the number of ads

Number of ads

Here, previous tests had identified two top performing ads: a link unit above the content and a banner below the content. What could happen if we tested both of them at the same time?

Having too many ads on the page could deter your visitors from trusting your site, but in this case the effect was positive. The variant that included both ads had twice the amount of clicks, resulting in a huge revenue bump! Had only one of the ads been running it would have generated about $75 ($24 x 3), but this new variant with two ads will bring in over $190 ($64 x 3) per month. Winner!

Doubling earnings by testing the ad positions


This time 5 different ad positions were tested against each other: inside content left, inside content right, sidebar, above the content, and below the content.

By looking at the earnings column you can see that the ads placed above and below brought in the most money at a little over $20. Which is better? Also consider the click through rate (CTR). In the long run, a CTR of 1.32% is going to give you over a 50% increase in clicks compared to a CTR of 0.85%, so for this website placing ads directly below the articles is the ideal spotCompared to their original sidebar position, this is a 2x increase in revenue!

950% increase in RPM by split testing the AdSense colors


Here’s a great example showing you how your visitors respond to the color of your ads. Here we found not that one color works better than the rest, but that the palette of colors compared to your site matter significantly. Default AdSense colors vs. colors that matched the site vs. colors that stood out from the site.

Note the $0.73 RPM on the default colors compared to the winning $7.70 RPM. That’s huge!

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