AdSense Alternatives for Blogs

Before you give up on AdSense – make sure you’ve tried AmpedSense!

I know Google AdSense can be discouraging sometimes, and the easy fix is to try another ad network, but before you switch to an AdSense competitor, be sure to consider the following:

  • Google is the largest¬†online advertising network in the world
  • AdSense has some of the most configurable ads, allowing you to choose exactly how they look on your site
  • Google has the best reputation around for sending payments on time

So, feel free to look around, but when you’re disappointed with other ad networks and are back on AdSense, try the following to get better earnings:

  • Make sure you’re showing your mobile users ads that are specifically sized to them. With mobile traffic at almost 50% of users, they cannot be ignored!
  • Try testing different ad positions. People can become banner-blind to ads placed in headers and sidebars.
  • Try testing different ad sizes. Advertisers bid based on the ad size, so you may be missing out on advertisers if you’re not running the ideal ad size.

All of the above can be facilitated with the wordpress plugin AmpedSense. It’s a free, easy download – check it out!


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