What are the Best Adsense Colors for a WordPress Blog?

When most people install AdSense onto their blog, they use the default colors that Google has picked. But Google doesn’t know how your website looks, or what colors your visitors respond to best. It’s a good idea to always test the ad colors to see which will give you the most clicks, resulting in the most revenue for you!

Consider these color options:

I’m aware there are thousands of colors in the rainbow. And each AdSense ad has various elements that can be different colors:

  • Ad headline
  • Ad text
  • Ad url
  • Ad border
  • Ad background

This leaves you with so many options you’ll never know which is the best set of colors to use! But don’t worry, for most blogs you only need to try 3 different sets:

A. Match your website



Make everything blend in with the colors of your blog. Use the same background and action colors, text colors, and borders. Some people don’t like to do this because it could trick the user into thinking they’re clicking a link on your site (instead of an ad), but it typically has a high success rate.

B. Stand out from your website



Grab your visitors attention by not blending in to your current blog’s theme. People will most likely realize it’s an ad, but they’ll also be looking at it, which is good.

C. Use Google’s Defaults



Google is run by advertising geniuses who have tested thousands of colors in order to pick the ones that work the best overall. Don’t underestimate their defaults – they are solid contenders.

Case Study

Check out the results of a test I performed where I tried the three color combinations above over the course of a week:

Results of split testing AdSense colors

Close call, huh? 😉

How awesome is that – the ad that has colors that match your site blew the others out of the water. Even better than Google’s default (which proves that I’m smarter than Google, right?? Haha). 17 clicks vs 2 clicks is hugely different – I’ll take a $7 RPM over a <$1 RPM anyday! Let the money start rolling in with this 7x increase in earnings!

Try Split Testing

The only way you’re going to know which of these works the best is if you AB split test them. If you know how to program, then you don’t need my assistance here. Otherwise, consider using a plugin like AmpedSense to split test your ads to find the optimal configuration that gives you the best CTR.

Here’s how to set up this set of tests in AmpedSense…

First recipe testing similar colors:


Second recipe testing different colors:


Third recipe testing Google’s default colors:



Start these tests, wait a couple weeks (or quicker if you have lots of traffic), and let the results tell you which is the best!

Every site is different!

There are people out there that claim they know the best color combination for any site, but I find that hard to believe. Red always catches attention? Green always makes people happy? Blue always means hyperlink? That’s all bogus.

Every website has a different theme, color scheme, and demographics (for example, women respond to colors differently than men). That’s why I always suggest testing your AdSense colors on your own site. Not only will you be maximizing your AdSense earnings, but you can rest easy knowing you’re not missing out on lost income!

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