AdPushup Review – How does AdPushup work?

As creator of AmpedSense (the wordpress adsense split testing plugin), I became excited when I first heard about AdPushup a few years ago. AdPushup is an ad split testing service, founded by Ankit Oberoi and Atul Agarwal. Its website explains a lot of the benefits of using AdPushup, but leaves a lot of questions unanswered. For example, how exactly does it integrate? Can I use it on wordpress? What are the minimum requirements?

I reached out directly to Ankit recently, and he didn’t just want to respond via email – he wanted to chat via Skype – awesome! We chatted late one night (he had just finished watching a cricket match and it was midnight over in India), and I was amazed and how friendly and down to earth he was. If we ever get an opportunity to meet up in person I’ll definitely take it!


About AdPushup

AdPushup was started in mid-2013, which at the time of this writing makes it about a 3 year old company. While that is relatively young, Ankit explained that they have a great team, solid funding, and will be around for a while.

You won’t get paid by AdPushup (they don’t manage the ad network), instead you’ll get paid via the ad network you’re using, such as AdSense. AdPushup also supports DFP, and has a goal to integrate with all major ad networks.

Requirements of using AdPushup

AdPushup targets medium to large companies, so if you’re a small website or blogger you may need to find another alternative. You need a minimum of 10,000 page views per day to be accepted into their program. This number is so high because they use a machine learning algorithm to make decisions about your ads, and it needs to have enough data to make accurate calculations.

AdPushup is installed via a javascript snippet, which can slow down your site. This method is short-sided. DNS-level integration like how Ezoic does it is a much better method long term; as it won’t slow down your site and will help you generate better reporting.

AdPushup should work on all platforms of websites, wordpress included. In fact they do have a wordpress plugin, although most sites on wordpress may not meet their 10k page views/day traffic requirements.

AdPushup Review

I was hoping to share a personal review with some before and after stats, but after signing up with AdPushup I was never offered into their program. I’m assuming this is because they’re currently in beta and using assisted onboarding for select few publishers.

If you’re in the same boat, try using an alternative like Ezoic; which we’ve had good success with.

One thought on “AdPushup Review – How does AdPushup work?

  1. The problem with AdPushup as we where clients is that they do not pay, we are still waiting our 1st payment since march 2018 and no one answers our company complaints of why they are not paying at all, they said we will receive our payment in march, then april, then may, then june, then august and so on, but never paid. They have no statics at all, just send an word/excel text and thats all and top off do not pay. Not recommended.

    Ezoic has been much, much better. Hopefully they will take us back.

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