Why aren’t my ads showing up?

If you just installed AmpedSense and are frustrated that no ads are displaying, take a look at these common situations that will fix no ads showing on your site: Do you have a caching plugin enabled? Caching plugins are great, but it may be causing your site to show you a previously cached version of your […]

AmpedSense 4.0 Released!

I’m happy to announce a brand new major update to AmpedSense, version 4.0! You all wanted more ad sizes, better mobile support, and an easy way to duplicate recipes. And now you’ve got it. Check out all the new features: Clone recipe (into other segments as well) Shortcode without additional shortcode plugin Both Padding and […]

How to copy an ad recipe

After you’ve created a few recipes, you might want the ability to duplicate them to other segments, or create copies of them with slightly different settings. To do so, simply make use of the ‘Duplicate’ recipe feature. How to duplicate a recipe On the main AmpedSense screen, locate the ad recipe you’d like to clone. […]

6 Ways to Optimize Earnings Using AdSense

If you spend time and energy keeping your blog updated, relevant, and engaging, you should also implement methods to generate at least modest income. There are several ways to monetize a blog or feed, such as affiliate marketing, selling information products or services, and advertising. Even if you’re using other monetization methods, AdSense is an […]