Why aren’t my ads showing up?

If you just installed AmpedSense and are frustrated that no ads are displaying, take a look at these common situations that will fix no ads showing on your site:

  1. Do you have a caching plugin enabled? Caching plugins are great, but it may be causing your site to show you a previously cached version of your pages before your ad recipes were enabled. Try temporarily turning off caching, or clearing the cache so you’re seeing the newest, fresh copy of your site. AmpedSense has a special feature called client side render mode which works great with caching plugins, but you’ll still need to clear your cache after making any changes to your ads. Read more about AmpedSense and caching plugins
  2. Do you have a plugin that’s minifying javascript? Some speed optimization or caching plugins will attempt to consolidate javascripts. This breaks AdSense’s javascript and will prevent ads from showing on your site. Try disabling this option in that plugin’s settings.
  3. Did you preview your ad? When creating or editing your ad recipe, be sure to click the preview button so you can see what it looks like before it goes live. Are you able to see your ad when you preview it?
  4. Is this a responsive ad? If so, make sure you haven’t chosen a position that uses left or right alignment (choose center instead). This is because responsive ads take up the entire width of the container they are inside, and aligned ads can’t have containers. Read more about AmpedSense and responsive ads

If you’ve tried all the above and ads still are not showing up, contact support and I’ll be happy to figure things out for you.

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