How to Exclude Posts or Pages from Showing Ads

When AmpedSense is first installed, it creates a default segment that targets all of your traffic. This means any ad recipe you place into that segment will be shown to all users on all devices, and on all pages, posts, archives, etc. This is great at first, however you’ll most likely want to create some different segments to target what parts of your site you’d like ads to appear on.

If you don’t want ads to appear on a specific article or page, such as your home page, all you have to do is create a segment that targets that page, and then don’t place any ads on it.

Don’t show ads on a specific page:

1. Create a segment for ‘All devices’ and ‘Specific page’, and pick the page you want to exclude.

2. Reorder segments so this segment has the top priority.

3. Don’t add any ad recipes to this segment.

Don’t show ads on the home page:

Follow the same steps above, creating a segment for the home page only.

Don’t show ads on a category of posts:

Same steps above, but for a segment that matches a specific category.

Don’t show ads on…

Get the hang of it? Just create a segment for whatever you don’t want ads to show up on, make it highest priority, and then you’re done.

Toggling the Testing flag

To make your reporting page look a little cleaner, you can choose to toggle the ‘Testing’ flag to ‘No’ in the segment admin so that it doesn’t show any stats for a segment that you’re not really testing.

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