How to copy an ad recipe

After you’ve created a few recipes, you might want the ability to duplicate them to other segments, or create copies of them with slightly different settings. To do so, simply make use of the ‘Duplicate’ recipe feature.

How to duplicate a recipe

On the main AmpedSense screen, locate the ad recipe you’d like to clone. The icon looks like 2 pages (between the edit and the pause buttons):

A popup will ask you what segment you’d like to copy this recipe into. If you’d like to keep it in the same segment, simply hit ‘Duplicate recipe’, otherwise choose the desired segment from the drop down first.

Once you continue, you’ll see a new recipe creation page with the same settings of the cloned recipe. Note that this recipe has not been saved yet! You still have to confirm the settings, create a new channel, and hit save before it becomes actively part of the split testing rotation.

Cloning recipes┬ácan be especially useful if you’re just changing one thing between your ad recipes. For example, to test ad size, simply create a recipe, then clone it many times with different sizes for each copy.

Happy split testing!

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