How to place ads specifically with a short code

One of the most common questions I get is whether you can specify exactly where you want ads served via AmpedSense to be placed. Good news – the newest versions of AmpedSense can now do this with built-in shortcodes!

Within your content

If the standard options of placing your ads above/below your content or inside at specific intervals is not adequate, and you would like your ads positioned very specifically within your content, follow these steps:

1) Set up your split tests to use one of the shortcode locations (ie, Shortcode position A, B, or C).


2) While editing your post/page within wordpress, type one of the following shortcodes into your content, exactly where you want the ad to be placed. This can be in either Visual or Text mode editing:

  • [AmpedSenseShortcodeA]
  • [AmpedSenseShortcodeB]
  • [AmpedSenseShortcodeC]

3) You’re done! Go back and preview your ad recipe to ensure it’s where you want it. Keep in mind that the shortcode will need to be placed on all pages/posts in the segment it applies to. Ie, if this recipe is shown on all pages, be sure to insert the shortcode on all pages (nothing will break if you don’t, you just will have less ad views).

Within your theme

If you would instead want the ads to appear in a part of your theme, ie your header or footer, and that can’t be accomplished through the use of the AmpedSense Sidebar Widget, then feel free to edit your theme files to specify exactly where you want the ads to appear.

Disclaimer: the following requires editing PHP files of your theme. If you are not comfortable doing this, please consult with a developer. Always backup your files before editing so you can revert if needed.

1) Follow instruction 1 above.

2) Find the place in your theme file where you want the ads to be placed (in Appearance -> Theme Editor). Add the following code. Modify to B or C if needed:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[AmpedSenseShortcodeA]'); ?>

3) You’re done! Go back and preview your ad recipe to ensure it’s where you want it.

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