Split Testing with Caching Plugins

If you’re using a caching plugin (such as Wp Super Cache, Fastest Cache, or WP Rocket, etc), be aware that it affects how split testing is performed.

A cache works by saving the server-processed page to a static file, so that same exact page is shown to every visitor without having to recompute it (that’s why it’s faster).

However when you’re split testing, you want to show slightly different versions of pages to your visitors. Visitor A should see a page rendered with your first ad recipe, and Visitor B should see that page with your second ad recipe. If a cache had saved the page, then visitor B would never see a custom page with the second ad recipe, and you’d never get stats on which ad recipe is the best.

Most ad rotation plugins do not work if you have a caching plugin enabled in wordpress.

Luckily AmpedSense is cache-friendly if you choose ‘Client render mode.’ This allows split testing to happen in real time, instead of showing the cached version of your split test.

Even in client render mode, you’ll still have to remember to reset your cache whenever you make a change to ads.

Learn more about Client vs Server render mode in AmpedSense.

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