Placing AdSense Ads in the WordPress Sidebar

One of the greatest features of AmpedSense that not many split testers allow you to do is inject your AdSense ads into the sidebar of your wordpress site. It’s really easy to do!

2 Steps

1) After downloading and installing AmpedSense, login to your WordPress site. From the Appearance-> Widgets screen, find the “AmpedSense Sidebar A” widget in the list of available widgets. This widget acts as a placeholder for you to put your ads. Drag and drop that widget into your sidebar container.

You’ll notice that there’s also a “AmpedSense Sidebar B” and “AmpedSense Sidebar C.” This gives you the ability to test multiple positions on your sidebar, if you wish to try a top placement vs bottom, or left vs right sidebar.



2) Simply create your AdSense split test, and specify “AmpedSense Sidebar A” as the ad location.


Bonus: Since these ad positions are set by a widget, you are not limited to using them in just sidebars. If there’s another area of your site (perhaps, footer?), you can drag and drop the widget to the desired location and test with that custom location!

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