AmpedSense 4.5 Released!

I’m happy to announce a brand new major update to AmpedSense, version 4.5!

You all sent me your feedback, and I listened. Check out all the new features:

  • Client side render mode – Cache friendly!
  • New segment types – Category Lists and Specific Category List
  • 3 more widget positions (up to 6 now)
  • 3 more shortcode positions (up to 6 now)
  • Improved Google authentication
  • Various bug and security fixes

If you downloaded AmpedSense via the wordpress plugin directory, simply update to the newest version in your plugin admin.

If you’re a premium user and you purchased before December 2015,  contact me and I’ll issue you a license that unlocks premium features on the version you can download from the wordpress plugin directory. This will be the last time you’ll have to manually upgrade.

I know you’re going to love it!



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